NYSEF’s Tate Frantz and Kai McKinnon Among Athletes Named to 2023-24 Teams

WILMINGTON, NY (May 18, 2023) – Today, USA Nordic Sport (USANS) nominated 31 American athletes to its 2023-24 National and Junior National Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping Teams, including Lake Placid natives and New York Ski Educational Foundation members Kai McKinnon and Tate Frantz. 

McKinnon, 15, a NYSEF Winter Term Nordic Combined athlete, was named to the 2023/24 Nordic Combined Junior National Team. Frantz, 18, is a former NYSEF athlete who now trains in Norway and was named to the 2023-24 Ski Jumping Junior National Team.

These athletes achieved the nominations based on selection criteria designated by USANS. They will have the option of being part of the 2023-24 U.S. Nordic Combined or U.S. Ski Jumping Team.

“It has been incredible following Tate’s success after working with him through his formative years as a Nordic athlete at NYSEF,” said Colin Delaney, NYSEF’s Head Ski Jumping Coach. “Watching him compete in his first World Cup start on his home hill this past winter was icing on the cake, followed up with naming to the World Championship team this past season. He is right on the heels of the national team athletes, and I am excited to see what this season brings.”

The nominations were made after the conclusion of the 2022-23 competition season, and athletes will have the option of accepting nominations prior to the 2023-24 season. The final teams for the season will be named this coming fall.

“It is equally exciting to see Kai’s hard work recognized after a long and successful season,” he added.”We will be working hard to continue this trend in the year ahead.”

NYSEF’s Director of Winter Term Beatty Schlueter said the collaboration between NYSEF, Kai’s family, and Lake Placid High School created a strong foundation for Kai and set her up for success. 

“This nomination to the junior team is a true reflection of the path Kai has been paving for herself for a few years now,” said NYSEF Winter Term Director Beatty Schlueter. “She has big goals and the work ethic to achieve them. We can’t wait to see what the future brings for her!”

“I am excited for the upcoming year, and we are looking forward to building off of the success from last season,” said USA Nordic Sport CEO, Adam Provost. “We have a great group of athletes on both Nordic Combined and Ski Jumping and believe that we will be very competitive this season.”

ski jumper in lake placid

Kai McKinnon trains in Lake Placid at the Olympic Jumping Complex.

ski jumper Tate Frantz

Tate Frantz jumps during the Nordic Combined Continental Cup competition in Lake Placid NY in March 2022. Photo by Nancie Battaglia