Learn to Fly - Ski Jumping for Beginners

While launching yourself off of a towering ski jump may seem like an impossible task, beginners to the sport of ski jumping start much closer to the ground and work their way up over years to those bigger jumps. Find out how they do it and join us during our next Learn to Fly session to do it yourself!

NYSEF's ski jumping program starts with developing basic skills. Athletes as young as 7 or 8 start with learning the fundamentals including proper balance, timing, and progressive jumping techniques. The emphasis at this age is fun-focused training. As an athlete progresses, they move from the small K10 and K20 jumps to the K48 and K70 jumps. At this level, athletes begin to compete on a regional level. The biggest jumps that NYSEF trains and competes on are the K90 and K120 jumps, the iconic ski jump towers of Lake Placid.


ski jumping cheat sheet