WILMINGTON, NY (October 2, 2023) – The New York Ski Educational Foundation (NYSEF) announces the addition of Scott Wilson, a long-time ski racing coach, to its team for the 2023-24 season as its Women’s FIS Assistant Coach.

Wilson is coming to NYSEF’s FIS Program at Whiteface Mountain from Carrabassett Valley Academy where he coached U16 and FIS men and women. During his storied career, he coached at Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, and Buck Hill Ski Racing Club as a traveling FIS and Junior Championships coach, was Head Coach at Ski Club Vail, and the Head Coach of the Central Division of US Ski and Snowboard. He’s also one of the founders and original directors of the United States Ski Coaches Association.

“Scott brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his coaching style,” said NYSEF Head Women’s FIS Coach Jeremy Transue, who will be working with Wilson this season. “He brings a sensitivity and awareness that is going to benefit not just our women’s FIS team, but our entire coaching staff and program.”

Wilson is looking forward to joining NYSEF. 

“Coaching must make ski racing fun and rewarding,” Wilson says. “To accomplish this, coaches must be genuinely happy and excited about the opportunity each day brings and glad to see each athlete and the opportunity they bring. Everything should be done for a reason – a purpose in the day for that day, block, season, and career. It can only be rewarding if the athlete understands the value of every “result.” They must be taught to notice and describe each “result” thereby getting something of value from every effort. 

Wilson added that every day, there is something for an athlete and a coach to learn from their training. 

“Athletes should be taught to look for value in every opportunity to learn, practice and perform, they should be encouraged to become their own best coaches – responsible, and accountable for their careers. To do this, a coach needs a clear picture of all aspects of training and how they fit together to produce successful results. A coach needs to know each athlete’s current ability, the coach must be open-minded and expect to learn and grow daily. The coach must foster the happiness ski racing can bring to racers and their families.” 

NYSEF Executive Director John Norton says that Wilson is a perfect fit for the FIS Women’s Program, especially given his notable coaching background.

“Scott is humble, but he’s been at the right place and the right time for so many ski racers on their journey to race competitively for their college or university, and in some cases make national teams,” Norton said. “We’re excited for what the coming ski season will bring to our athletes and coaches.”

For his part, Wilson cites a lifelong passion for ski racing and coaching ski racers for bringing him to NYSEF.

“I was a ski racer,” Wilson adds. “The highlight [of my career] was having exceptional coaches as a young racer, like Willy Scheffler and Erich Windisch, and then being mentored by Christian Pravda. Their abilities and generosity were an inspiration. I intend to pass along as much as I can of them.”

To learn more about NYSEF’s FIS Program, visit nysef.org/alpine.