Frequently Asked Questions

When does enrollment open?

Enrollment for Winter Programming typically opens in early September. A notice will go out to all past athlete families, as well as on our social media accounts. We do maintain programming year-round, including Strength and Conditioning, Dryland, and more.

How do I receive information about my kid's program during the season?

TeamSnap is our main form of communication once the season starts. When you enroll in NYSEF, you enroll through TeamSnap and your child is automatically rostered to a team. Communication for each team comes from coaches and program directors. If you haven't received anything from TeamSnap in your email, please reach out to so we can troubleshoot the issue for you. In order to stay as up-to-date as possible, please download the TeamSnap App to your phone. Most parents find that this is the most convenient way to get alerts about the program, check the schedule, and message coaching staff.

Do I need to purchase a pass for my child if they're enrolling in NYSEF programming?

All NYSEF athletes are required to have a NYSEF Athlete Pass. Your athlete's Ski3 pass is included in enrollment fees.

What do I do if I already purchased a pass for my child prior to enrolling them in NYSEF?

If you already purchased a pass from ORDA, you will need to let us know at and we will get you a reimbursement form to submit to ORDA to get reimbursed for your purchase. All NYSEF athletes and staff are required to have a NYSEF pass.

Who is my main point of contact?

When does Winter Program start?

Winter Program typically starts for the season in early December. Full-time athletes will receive their schedules from coaches ahead of time as there are several Fall Camp options available. Please check your TeamSnap Schedule for exact start dates. 

Example Program Start Dates:

  • U14/U16/U19/Masters/Freeride begin the first weekend in December
  • U10/U12 athletes begin the second weekend in December
  • Friday Programs begin the third weekend in December

Can my child do a split program?

If your child would like to do a day of alpine and a day of freeride, for example, we will try to accommodate your request.

What kind of equipment does my kid need?

If you aren't sure what your athlete needs for the upcoming season, please reach out to our coaching staff, or email and we will direct your request to the appropriate staff member.

What is the typical schedule during the season?

Each age group receives its training schedule from its coach ahead of the season. We have staggered starts for the different age groups. Please check with your coach if you have any questions about what time your kid should arrive.

What are the COVID protocols?

You can find our COVID protocols at this link. All protocols align with ORDA's protocols.

Where do I drop my kid off for the winter program? 

Please use the drop-off areas designated by ORDA at each venue. We encourage you to get into the habit of not using the paid parking area as a drop-off. Please don’t leave your vehicle unattended in paid parking unless you have paid for parking for the day.

What are the hours for winter program?

Each age group should spend about 5 hours on the hill, and the program typically lasts from 8:30 or 9 am until 1:30 or 2 pm.

How do I work off my Work Deposit?

Volunteer! We are always looking for volunteers for races, events, and more. See below for how to volunteer.

How do I volunteer with NYSEF?

We are always looking for volunteers for everything from races to events! Please sign up at This is a great way to work off your Work Deposit if you have a child enrolled in the program.

Who are the coaches?

We maintain a robust full-time and part-time staff spread across several disciplines and venues. To find out who your athlete's coaches will be, visit our Staff page.

What is NYSEF's mission?

It is the mission of NYSEF to provide opportunities for athletes of all ages to reach their potential in snowsports - alpine, freestyle, snowboarding, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, nordic combined, and biathlon - through professional guidance and financial support.

What does it mean that NYSEF is a 502 (c)(3)?

As a non-profit, NYSEF invests every dollar it makes back into the organization to provide outstanding programs, opportunities for athletes, and world-class staff. Please read our Annual Report for more information about NYSEF and our 50-year history.