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What NYSEF Offers

NYSEF offers year-round training in ski jumping and nordic combined in the Lake Placid area. Athletes as young as 7 years old begin jumping with a focus on the FUNdamentals of the sport. Anyone who has driven through Lake Placid knows the spectacular view of the Olympic Jumping Complex - one of the most recognizable competition venues from the 1980 Winter Olympics. This is the venue which our jumping athletes call home. The Jumping Complex has undergone enhancements, which has made it the most modern and one of the best ski jumping training facilities in North America. As of 2020, it is the first venue with a new, refrigerated track on the 90 and 120 meter jumps.

Athletes learn to fly on the K20 jump and often progress to the K48 quickly. As jumpers fine-tune their skills, they move to the towers of the K90 and K120. Athletes also get a dose of cross-country with the option of pursuing nordic combined. Several Olympians have come through the NYSEF program, including 2010 Gold Medalist in nordic combined, Billy Demong.

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Want to Learn to Fly?

NYSEF athletes in ski jumping and Nordic combined learn the value of hard work as it pays off in their performance. Year-round strength and conditioning is a key component of athlete development.

Athletes have the opportunity to participate at the beginner level as little as one day per week. As athletes progress to the bigger jumps and regional competition, commitments range from 4-6 days per week with a mix of on-hill practice in addition to sport-specific strength and conditioning workouts.

Travel includes competitions around the Eastern United States with our strongest athletes competing nationally and internationally.



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