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NYSEF believes that sport teaches young adults about work ethic, determination, and helps build character. Our programs provide young women and men the tools necessary to be successful in life.

Your support helps aspiring champions to make their dreams a reality.


SEND A CHECK: Mail your gift to: NYSEF, NYSEF FUND, P.O. Box 300, Wilmington, NY, 12997

VISIT US: Drop it off at the NYSEF Administrative Offices, located at Whiteface Mountain.

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In 1973, only 24 athletes signed up for the NYSEF Alpine Program at Whiteface Mountain. Today, NYSEF has grown to include 7 disciplines, 5 training venues, a Winter Term Junior Development Program and over 500 athletes, some of whom have competed in Winter Olympic Games. Training and competition venues include: Belleayre Mountain, Gore Mountain, Whiteface Mountain, the Olympic Sports Complex at Mt. Van Hoevenberg and the Olympic Jumping Complex. It is through the collaborative efforts of over 100 full and part-time employees and hundreds of volunteers that NYSEF and its programs are made possible.

The success of NYSEF is due, in large part, to our donors. Without the vision of our donors and their on-going participation, be that attending fundraising events, volunteering time, or sending donations, NYSEF wouddn't be where it is today.

Our supporters understand that it's not about how many athletes make the US Ski Team, but more about how many hundreds of kids get to spend their winters learning snowboarding, ski racing or ski jumping with their friends.

NYSEF athletes work hard and our donors recognize that. Whether you're watching a 10 year old girl’s face as she catches her first air off the ski jump, or see a 17 year old athlete pack his bag for National Championships, it's easy to recognize how every dollar donated has helped them get there.

We thank our donors for their generosity and vision which have helped shape what NYSEF is today.

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