NYSEF Annual Report

Thank you and acknowledgement of your annual support.

The annual report acknowledges gifts received by NYSEF between
September 1, 2020- August 31, 2021. 

The names under each membership level reflect gifts of cash, securities and in-kind. The report is compiled by the staff and the Board of Directors. The utmost care has been taken in preparing this report. Occasionally, however, errors do occur. We apologize if this has happened and ask that you notify us with any inaccuracies or omissions.

Olympic Membership $10,000 and above

Mr. & Mrs. Tim and Andrea Collins
Crowne Plaza Lake Placid
Henry & Milfred Uihlein Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. John and Lila Huwiler
Mr. Wayne Lemley
Lussi Family Fund
Donald C. McGraw Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Elizabeth McGraw
Mr. & Mrs. Mounzer Agha and Douha Safar
Ms. Nicole Byrne
Dr. Richard Smith and Dr. Barbara Dill
Mr. & Mrs. Edward and Bettina Sparkowski
Mr. & Mrs. Keith and Maggie Stoltz

World Cup Membership $5,000 and above

Mr. & Mrs. Nick Brumm and Shyama Patel
Mr. Frederick Jubitz
Dr. & Dr. Kevin Klebba and Maggie Ho- Klebba
Lake Placid Family Dental
Long Run Wealth Advisors
Merrill L. Thomas
Sports Insurance
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Nell Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. John and Alex Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Brooks Reynolds


Continental Cup Membership $1,000 and above

Adirondack Foundation: Special and Urgent Needs (SUN) Fund
American Legion Post 326
Ann & David Harden Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Mary Ann Benedetto II
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Janet Bliss
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Polly Boeschenstein
Mr. & Mrs. James and Marion Brady
Briggs Law Firm
Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Philippe Brisson and Stephanie Demers
Mr. Jeff Burnham
Casella Waste Systems
Champlain National Bank
Cloudsplitter Foundation
Crosscut Mountain Sports Center
Dr. & Mrs. Steve and Jenn Dempsey
Mrs. Jean DeSchriver
Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. and Patti S. Dekay
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Jessica Frank
Mr. Bill Grabe
Mr. & Mrs. Greg and Lorie Harden
Mr. & Mrs. Winnie and Stefanie Holderied
Hyde Fuel
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick R. and Saundra J. Kaplan
Mr. Justin Klabin
Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Tricia Asaro Kroll
Mr. Anthony LaCavalla
Lake Placid Education Foundation Fund of the Adirondack Foundation
Lake Placid Ski Club
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Jen Ledger
Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. and Christy Lemp
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur and Martina Lussi
Ms. Cristina Lussi
Mr. & Mrs. Serge and Caroline Lussi
Mr.& Mrs. Melissa and Chris Iles
Mr. & Mrs. Shane MacDowell and Danielle LaCavalla
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Nashett and Jen Ketchell
Mr. Tony Nickinello
Ms. Karen Nishida
Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Carol Norton
Mr. Dylan Peck
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Sheila Quiles
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. and Diane Reynolds
Peter and Heidi Roland Family Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Gill and Graham Sands
Mr. Chris Selkirk
Mr. & Mrs. Howard and Peggy Silverstein
Ms. Carrie Speshock
Steve Kroll Innovations
Mr. John Stewart
Stewarts Foundation
Uihlein-Ironman Sports Fund of the Adirondack Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Kip and Julie Testwuide
Mr. & Mrs. Royce VanEvera and Tina Charbonneau
Dr. Tracey Viola
Walmart Community Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Ed and Lisa Weibrecht

Eastern Cup Membership $500 and above

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Gina Accordino
Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Finnerty and Nancie R. Battaglia
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Christina Bertinelli
Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Tish Biesemeyer
The Blackbaud Giving Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Tim and Andrea Burke
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Nevenka Byrne
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Tosca Carpenter
Central Garage c/o Strack Family
Ms. Judith Clune
Community Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Dana Damp
Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Stephanie DeGirolamo
Mr. Jonathan DeSantis
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Duncan and Kim Douglas
Mr.Wayne Feinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Mathieu Frey and Sandra Gabrielli Frey
Ms. Katie Gilligan
Holland Property Management, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Cristi Kloc
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Marsha Liebowitz
Lions Club of Lake Placid
Lake Placid Animal Hospital
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan and Lynn Magnus
Mr. & Mrs. James and Taryn Manuele
Dr. & Mrs. Woods and Pearl McCahill
Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa
The Mountaineer
Mr. & Mrs. William and Connie Nealon III
Network For Good
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Darcy Norfolk
Mr. & Mrs. John Norton and Beatty Schlueter
Mr. David Nye
Ms. Helena Oechsner
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Meg Parobeck
Price Chopper's Golub Foundation
Mr. Anthony Rein
Saranac Lake Marina
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver and Kate Schupp
Mr. Bradley Streeter
Ms. Courtney D. Wilson


Empire State Membership $250 and above

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Orringer and Amy Chow
Benevity impact fund
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur and Sandy Bissell
Ms. Robin Brown-Anthony
Mr. Bruce Colon
Ms. Nancy Colon
Mr. & Mrs. Craig & Rebecca Stanclift
Dr. & Dr. Denis and Brita Chagnon
Crowl Construction
Ms. Helene Czech
Ms. Shannon Dahl
Mr. Alan F Dickey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fraser and Elinor Keeler
Dr. Joe Drexler
Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Kathy Ebert
Ms. Denise Erenstone
Ms. Marcy Fagan
Mr. John Fey
Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Erica Fuller
Mr. Ron Goodwin
Mr. Bradley Gray
Dr. Michael Haben
Gore Mountain Lodge
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas and Lyndsay Handler
Mr. & Mrs. Phil and Kate Harrison
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Kroes and Katrina Lussi Kroes
Four Seasons Management
Ms. Virginia LaCavalla
Mr. & Mrs. Freling H. Smith Linda C. Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Nicole Lawrence
Mr. Dave Martin
Mr. James McGuire
Mr. & Mrs. Neil and Jodi McKinnon
Mr. Samuel McMillan
Mr. & Mrs. Rick and Gail Meyer
Mr. Alex Nenno
Mr.Chris Newcomb
Ms. Staci O'Donnell
Mr. Blake Piper
Mr. Edward Quirk, Dr
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Fonseca and Sarah Outwater
Mr. & Mrs. Eli and Emily Schwartzberg
Ms. Catherine Sinclair
Ms. Patricia Sinclair - Bairos
Mr. & Mrs. Adrian and Simona Turcu
Mr. & Mrs.Tom and Liz Vales
Mr. & Mrs. Sky Craig and Nadine Van Ingen
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Inger Vonn
Mr. & Mrs. Horst and Edith Weber
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Denja Weibrecht
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie and Gracey Welsh
Wildwood on the Lake


Annual Membership gifts up to $249

Adirondack Park Agency
Ms. Kate Melville Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Christina Brodie
Mr. Todd Anthony
Mr. Nicole Azze
Ms. Cassie Baillargeon
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth and Donna Baker
Ms. Charlene Bassett
Mr. Philip Baumbach
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen and Katherine Biggs
Mr. Robert Birk
Mr. Mark Birman
Ms. Lisa Bittinger
Mr. & Mrs. Cathy and Ted Blazer
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Teresa Brady
Mr. & Mrs. Braeden and Christine Miller
Ms. Nancy S Brandt
Ms. Kate Brooke Broderick
Mr. & Mrs. Doug and Mary Lou Brown
Mr. Steven K Brown
Ms. Denise Bujold
Mr. Robert E. Bullock
Burnham Financial
Ms. Brennan Butler
Ms. Katie Byrne
Mr. & Mrs. Charles and Samantha A Calcagni
Ms. Angela Carlisto
Mr. John Casserly
Mr. Bob Catalano
Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Susan Clark
Ms. Cora Clark
Mr. Keith Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Jennifer Coffey
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce and Jill Coffin, Jr
Mrs. Laura Coffin
Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Adele Connors
Mr. & Mrs. Tony and Nancy Corwin
Ms. Louise Cournoyer
Mr. & Mrs. Galen and Cali Brooks Crane
Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Andrea Crikelair
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Lauren Crowl
Ms. Elsbeth J. Crusius
Ms. Carolyn Czimbal
Mr. & Mrs. David and Melanie Damico
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dion & Ora Schwartzberg
Mr. & Mrs. Dana and Rosanne Van Dorn
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy and Lisa Doherty
Ms. Irene Donald
Mr. & Mrs. Gary and Janice Donovan
Dr. & Dr. Martin Ferrillo and Radana Dooley
Ms. Tanya Dorhout
Dr. Joe Drexler
Mr. Jacob Dudek
Ms. Barb Dwyer
Ms. Bernadette Dzickaniec
Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. & Alice E. Edelmann
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Deborah Erenstone
Mr. & Mrs. Ken and Ellen Fiorella
Ms. Janice Fischer
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Diane Fish
Ms. Lori Fitzgerald
Ms. Alana Forcier
Mr. Zachary Ford
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Cornelia Forrence
Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Wendy Fox
Mr. & Mrs. David and Kelsey Francis
Dr. & Mrs. Jim and Kate O'Keefe Fuchs
Ms. Rebecca B Gaeta
Mr. & Mrs. Bart and Lynn Gaffney
Mr. & Mrs. Rawson and Kristina Gamage
Mr. John E Gansfuss
Mr. & Mrs. Joe and Marie Garso
Ms. Gabriella Georgiades
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Meghan Gravatt
Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Jessy Gray
Ms. Julia Gronski
Mr. Brad Hack
Ms. Shannon Haggerty
Mr. & Mrs. Shields and Lauren Harper
Mr. Dan Harrigan
Ms. K Hatch
Mr. & Mrs. Livingston and Kristen Hatch
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony and Chrissy Hayden
Ms. Tracey Hazlett
Mr. Michael G Healy
Mr. Michael Herlihy
High Peaks Cyclery
Mr. & Mrs. Rusty and Betsy Hlavacek
Ms. Linda Hlavacek
Ms. Robin S. Hoagland
Mr. & Mrs. Doug and Carol Hoffman
Mr. Alexander Holt
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Heidi Howard
Mr. & Mrs. D. Iles and G. Iles
Mr. John Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff and Beth Newman
Mr. & Mrs. Phil and Brigitte Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph and Justine Franklin
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kelleher and Kaila Collins
Mr. Steven Kast
Kayser Family Foundation
Mr. Ken Heins
Mr. James Johnston
Ms. Heidi Jones
Ms. Andrea M Kilbourne-Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Achilles and Kika Kogiantis
Mr. Ronald Konowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron and Amy Kramer
Mr. Michael Kuder
Ms. Tammy Lalande
Ms. Kathi Lally
Mr. Neil Lande
Ms. Renay Latella
Ms. Gina Lawney
Ms. Carol Levitre
Mr. Jeffrey Levitre
Mr. & Mrs. Colin and Erica Loher
Ms. Jacquie Lopez
Ms. Elizabeth Lund
Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Meg MacClarence
Ms. Sheryl Madden
Ms. Margaret Maher
Ms. Patricia Maloney
Mr. Colton William Martin
Neven Matthews
Ms. Heather McGuire
Mr. Frank McBurney
Ms. Leeanne McGivern
Mr. & Mrs. Neil & Jodi Mckinnon
Mr. Joseph W McPhillips
Mr. & Mrs. Kristaps & Karen Miemis
Ms. Ellen Miller
Robin Mitchell-Boyask
Mr. Phil Mones
Ms. Heidi Montag
Ms. Kaileigh Moore
Mr. & Mrs. David & Kathleen Murphy
Mr. Thomas Murphy
Mrs. & Mr. Nancy and Peter Morrill
Norfolk Law
Mr. Timothy Northrup
Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Barbara Norton
Mr. James Norton
Mrs. & Mr. Patricia C. and Joseph P. Nottingham
Ms. Barb Papineau
Mr. & Mrs. Ted and Erin O'Grady Parent
Mr. & Mrs. Stevan and Carrie Paton
Mr. Rick Patzke
Ms. Erin Perkins
Ms. Erika Perrone
Mr. & Mrs. Justin and Caroline Perry
Mr. Michael Pitts
Mr. & Mrs. Nick and Emily Politi
Mr. & Mrs. Ted and Donna Prime

Mr. Graham Quisenberry
Mr. & Mrs. Jay and Gun Rand
Constance G. Rascoe
Reliable Racing
The Reynolds Group of Lake Placid
Ms. Christine Reynolds
Ms. Tatiana Riepe
Ms.Mary Rooks
Mr. Michael Rose
Ms. Emily Roy
Mr. Dmitry Rykunov
Mr. Chris Salibello
Ms. Kristen Sayers
Mr. & Mrs. Kristen and Mark Scanio
Ms. Zuzka H. Schaffer
Ms. Lisa Schilling
Mr. & Mrs. Eric and Laurie Schulz
Mr. & Mrs. Beth Schiller and Josh Schwartzberg
Mr. & Mrs. Ezra & Audrey Schwartzberg
Ms. Eva Sebek


Gifts Up To $249 continued

Mr. Alex Shearer
Ms. Camelia M Sheridan
Ms. Julie Simmons
Ms. Jen Sisca
Ms. Emily Slingerland
Mr. & Mrs. Damon Sprance and Donna Riggio
Ms. Lynn Sprott
MS. Debi Stanton
Mr. Zakary L Steingart
Mr. Glenn Stephenson
Ms. Larry Stone
Mr. Austin Irving Swirsky

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce and Kelly Transue
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy and Olivia Transue
Mr. & Mrs. John and Heather Taggert
Mr. James Tansey
Mr. Richard Terry
Mr. & Mrs. Sean and Elisha Tomko
Ms. Katherine Torrance
Mr. Robert W Twyman
Mr. James Tyler
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Ingrid Van Slyke
Mr. Michael Villeneuve
Ms. Barb Wagner
Ms. Kate Wagner
Mr. & Mrs.Tait and Carrie Wardlaw
Ms. Roberta M. Warfield
Ms. Kat Weibrecht
Ms. Kimberly Weibrecht
Dr.& Mrs. David and Mary Welch
Mr. & Mrs. David and Marci Wenn
Ms. Jani Whitney
Ms. Lindsey Wihelm
Mr. James Wissler
Mrs. Cheley Witte
Ms. Janice Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Bert and Heike Yost
Mr. & Mrs. Dave and Kate Zientko

Gifts in-kind

Alex Goff
Andrea Burke
Arbonne and Kimmie Vespa
Ausable Brewing Company
Beatty Schlueter
Boyer's Septic
Bradley Streeter
Burnley Family
Cabot Cheese Creamery
Camp Cody
Cape Air
Cascade XC Ski Center
Central Garage
Chad Waters
Circle Janitorial
Colin Delaney
Craig Wood Golf Course
Cunningham Ski Barn
Dan Quiles
Dave Wenn
David McCahill
Doherty Family
Don Mellor
Dr. Tracey Viola
Emma's Ice Cream Lake Placid
Experience Outdoors
Fogarty's Lake Flower Marina
Golden Arrow Resort
Gore Mountain
Heaven Hill Farm
High Peaks Cyclery
Hyde Fuel
Jason Price
Jim Catalano
Jimbo Johnston
JJ Pavese
John Norton
Julie Betts Testwuide
Kailiegh Moore
Kate Mckenna
Khala & Co.
Kim Douglas
Lake Placid Center of the Arts
Lake Placid Museum
Lake Placid Ski Club (LPSC)
Lake Placid Spirits
Long Run Wealth Advisors , LLC
magnus sheffield
Man and Beast
Maui North
Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa
Nancie R. Battaglia
Northwood School
Northwoods Inn
Patrick Purcell
Phantom Brewing
Phil Mones
Purple Saige Bistro
Rich Burnley
Royce Van Evera
Sandra Frey
Saranac Lake Marina
Shane MacDowell
Simply Gourmet
Slutsky Family
Solitude Catering
Southern Shore Cove
Steve Mones
Terry Robards Wines & Spirits
The Breakfast Club
The Brumm/Patel Family
The Delaney Family
The Nickinello Family
The Reynolds Family
The Schwartzberg Family
The Van Etten Family
The Wine & Spirit Shoppe
Thomas Vonn
Tina Charbonneau
Top of the Park
Wildwood on the Lake
Windham Manor and the Smith Family
Woodstock Inn & Resort and Suicide Six
World Cup Supply


A special THANK YOU to those who volunteer their time and treasure and support NYSEF, we are grateful for your commitment!