Meet new NYSEF Board member, Annella White Dignes! Annella served as a board member of the Belleayre Mountain Racing Association (BMRA) and the Belleayre Conservatory Board both in Highmount NY. She is currently serving on the board of The Academy for Children in Mountain Lakes NJ and the Coalition for Belleayre in Highmount, NY. Annella has a long history in events and marketing, starting a yacht vacation company that later evolved into a corporate/private events company. While running her business and then in various marketing roles, she found great joy in raising her three children, Kelsey, Kenzi and Blake and putting in hundreds of miles a year as the “race parent!  When asked about her interest in joining the NYSEF board she said, “When NYSEF came to Belleayre I was on-hand to celebrate, and to encourage families to take advantage of the programs. Whether the athletes remain at Belleayre, or progress in a manner that may lead them to other NYSEF venues, I believe this organization has a significant positive impact in the lives of young skiers, riders and their families.”

Annella’s children were born into a skiing family and joined the NYSEF program at different levels and specialties concentrating primarily on alpine. “Kelsey and Kenzi started at the National Sports Academy (NSA) – Kenzi continued at NSA while Kelsey went to Northwood School.  All three skied on their college teams at Syracuse, Cornell and Dartmouth (Blake skied Alpine and started the freestyle team at Dartmouth).“

Annella is no stranger to the various opportunities NYSEF has to offer! “My experience with the different programs across the state will help me contribute to the future success of NYSEF at Belleayre and beyond. Given all that NYSEF provided to our children, I see this as an opportunity to give back.,” she commented.

When Annella is not working with one of the above-mentioned boards, she is outdoors – skiing,  walking, hiking, swimming, lounging on the beach, biking, playing tennis and more. Although an amateur photographer, she enjoys a plethora of crafting projects. Welcome to the board!