NYSEF athletes stepped up in the second day of the GS series at the Clarkson Carnival on Saturday, January 25 at their home hill, Whiteface. Top results are below.

On the Womens side the Northwood/NYSEF crew competed with each other with close results. Great job, Ladies!

Audrey HIGGINS-LOPEZ  (Northwood/NYSEF) placed 31st 

Madison KOSTOSS (Northwood/NYSEF) placed 32nd

Gabrielle COTE (Northwood/NYSEF)   placed 33rd

Jaden KLEBBA (Northwood/NYSEF) placed 36th

Julia GERALDI (Northwood/NYSEF) placed 42nd

On the Mens side, we had an outstanding representation in the top 30 by the below athletes:

Jake Reynolds (Northwood alum/NYSEF) placed 2nd

Andrew Van Slyke (Northwood/NYSEF) placed 15th

William Roney (Northwood alum/NYSEF) placed 20th

Christophe Garon (Northwood/NYSEF) placed 23rd

Wim Roney fore-running earlier this season