Alex attends Peru Middle School in Peru, N.Y. and is training and competing in our Whiteface program. He is the first recipient of the John MacKenzie Wilkins Scholarship Fund – a fund in memory of John Wilkins, a member of the NYSEF Freeride program who competed in multiple USASA National Championships and on the Chevrolet Rev Tour around the country. The scholarship provides support to talented and deserving athlete/s, in an amount that is meaningful to their development. The scholarship was awarded to Alex due to his commitment to our freeride program, good standing in his community and school and participation in the NYSEF community.

When asked about the scholarship support, Alex said “ NYSEF awarded me a scholarship from the John MacKenzie Wilkins Scholarship Fund this year to help with competition fees. The support gives me the motivation to train and compete harder than ever – and have fun – I am grateful for the generosity of the Wilkins Family and the donor support.” 

In discussion with the coaching staff, Nick Arnold, Moguls Coach said, “Alex is an incredibly hard working athlete, he wants to be better, and that shows day in and day out with his dedication to the sport. He listens to direction, and actively tries his best at the task before him.”

Most recently, Alex placed first in his age group/ 4th overall on Saturday, January 22 and first overall on Sunday, January 23 in the Hunter Mountain Rip’s Monster Mogul competition. When asked how he got involved in skiing, he said, “I first started skiing at 2.5 and my first instructor was my mother (Ann Watts), we went every weekend. I was always interested in freestyle – ever since I saw the X games.” A short term goal of Alex’s is to podium at Empire State games and score a 75. In the meantime, he hopes to improve his “airs in competition” – working on the pop, the jump and the air time. 

His favorite part of ski season is “meeting people – other coaches, athletes and families.   I like to hear other coaching styles and see other athletes compete,” he said. 

Jake Roney, Moguls Coach, commented, “it’s easy to see he has great determination and a strong passion for the sport. It’s been a pleasure to coach him and I’m excited to see his future accomplishments.”

When Alex is not skiing, he is playing soccer, lacrosse, running track, mountain biking, riding dirt bikes and hanging out with his friends.  During the winter, he builds jumps and rails at his home. Have a great season, Alex!