Development Chair, Reed Miller served on the NYSEF Snowsports board for 8 years, has made a lasting impact with a $10,000 donation towards the renovation of the finish and timing building and new storage shed at Whiteface!

Since 1973, we have offered individuals the opportunity to train and compete at the highest level in New York State. Beginning in a small trailer in the Whiteface parking lot to expanding into several snowsport disciplines and across other venues, we have continued to grow our programs to benefit our families, athletes and communities. Whether a youngster is putting on skis for the first time or a seasoned competitor is traveling the world, we live up to our mission by providing the framework for them to
flourish. By showing an investment in our home facilities, we are showing an investment in the
athletes we serve. With the inside built out and the purchase of the storage shed, we will bring this venue
back into the Olympic arena it was several years ago.

THANK YOU, Reed Miller and Karen Adair Miller for supporting this project! Stay tuned for updates on this exciting project and how to get involved.

Other supporters of this project are the Killington World Cup Foundation and the Cloudsplitter Foundation!