You know that super fun time of the season when it’s mid-January and time is creeping by and March feels sooooo far away and all of a sudden HOLY COW EMPIRE STATE GAMES and then States are coming up and Lowell Bailey wins a World Championship and HOLY COW WINTER TERM and there are all these activities are going on and STATES! HERE! and then more Winter Term all the time and kids are in 7 states and 2 countries at once and early mornings and big travel days and podiums and fun and craziness and going XC skiing and POW POW POW and then all you have time for is a huge purge of photos that just remind you:



Well, welcome to our first Winter Term photo purge.

At work! #jschneids #slides

Ummm. Flipz. Almost touching the tree!


U16’s. All up on it.


Emma skied in her first FIS Nor-Am!


Focus. Ripping.


Emma rocking the back-tuck.


Kern krushing.


Nez and B-Net.


How YOU like dem early mornings?



U16’s working. No, really!


Jake Roney catching some sweet air during the Moguls World Cup!


Roney. Focus.


Can you imagine how sweet it must be to forerun a WC event… on your home hill? Way to go, Jake!


U14’s making it happen.


NYSEF/ NWS podium action!




More podium pics! Riley loves this photo.


Reynolds, ripping.




More U14 goggle tanz….


Jake Reynolds put together this awesome slalom training vid. Yes!



How can it be a real blogpost without more U14 goggle tanz?


Little Copper throwback. ‘Member where it all started??