U14 Alpine Athletes took part in the Mud Sweat Super G event at Gore Mountain on Sunday, February 23. Athletes had the opportunity to have a training day on the hill on Saturday, February 22 and were confident going into the race. Top NYSEF results are below:

Top 10 NYSEF Women

Lilyann Fisher placed 1st

Emma Poisson placed 2nd

Chiara Gelardi placed 3rd

Gianna Manuele placed 5th

Taylor Dennis placed 6th

Sasha Ivanova placed 7th

Morgan Shute placed 8th

Cara Dempsey    placed 10th

Shayla Byrne placed 10th

Top 10 NYSEF Men

Gavin Ebert placed 1st

Lincoln Norfolk  placed 2nd

Carson Correa placed 3rd

Charles Howe placed 5th

Marko Ivkovic placed 6th

Henry Parobeck placed 8th

Denny Sebek placed 10th