We thank volunteers like Barb (photo below), who continue to support NYSEF and our athletes! Remember to show your appreciation for our volunteers at all race events and venues!

Did you know?

We all know this season is like no other. Venues like Whiteface have been short on lift attendants especially with no J1 students. This affects many lifts – but in particular, the Freeway lift (Lift I/7) used for training /racing. We’ve asked families and friends to support the operations of Lift I/7 and we are so grateful for how many have helped- alums, staff and NYSEF board members! They are all making sure you, your athlete and mountain guests load safely up and load safely off the lift. Because of their support, NYSEF is able to have consistent training opportunities for all of our athletes – midweek and weekends. Thanks to Whiteface management for being open to having us go through the training to be a lift attendant!