U19 Finals Mens Podium GS
From Gore Program Director, Rich Burnley:
It’s hard to believe that the season is over. It feels like we are just leaving for Fall Camp in Sunday River. It was another positive season with numerous athletes making it to Championship events. Some notable results are below:
– John Graney went to the U16 Eastern Champs where he won the boys Hard Charger award for both SL and GS.
– Lou Farone and Micaela Leonard went to U14 Eastern Champs at Whiteface and showed some great skiing against the best in the east.
-Claire Felton, Amanda Quiles, Matt Sisca, Matt Moeckel, Brody Kenneston, Cole Paton, Brooks Dahl, and Christian Theoharides raced at U16 Eastern Finals at Gore.
-Matt Sisca was 2nd in the Dual SL;
-Matt Moeckel was 6th in the GS;
-Claire was 13th in GS and 14th in SL;
-Cole Paton was 11th in SL; and
Matt Sisca was 13th in the SL.
— Abby Saks, Shannon Quiles, Ellis Strutton, Jack Ormsbee, Ethan Huff, and Roger Risley competed in the U19 Eastern Finals also at Gore.
-Abby was 14th in the SL; and
-Shannon was 15th in SL and 13th in GS.
-We sent a large contingent of athletes to Kandahar Champs in Toggenburg: Sarah MacFarlane, Samantha Lawny, Ashley Sell, Ava Villiere, Sadie Gray, Tessa Jarvis, Nine Sprance, Taylor Dennis, Cecilia Keller, Casey Felton, Annas Farone, Henry Parobeck, Matt Faust, Aston Ferrillo, Lucas Smith, Mason Englert, Lucas Doherty, Esa Connelly.
-Henry took 3rd in the boys GS.
-We also have another large contingent of Freeride athletes headed to Cooper Mountain for USASA Nationals:  Griffin Farr, Pierson Shute, Hunter Goodwin, Morgan Shute, Luke Post, Dakota Goodwin, Calvin Howard, Douglas Howard, Ashley Sell, Charlotte Sell, and Brendan Kimbrell.
-Have a safe trip and ski/ride fast!
A BIG THANK YOU to all the parents who get their athletes to training week in and week out, I know from experience that it’s a big task.  Last but not least, I want to thank every coach and staff member  for their hard work and dedication this past winter.  Without your efforts, this program would not be what it is…one of the best in the East!
We are already planning for a great season next year so have a great summer and we will see you in the fall.