NYSEF is offering a fall program for parents to work on their ski conditioning with kettlebell training.

The program will run once a week for 5 weeks at the Horse Show Grounds in Lake Placid*. The program cost is a donation of $150 which can be made through this link.
About the sessions: The sessions will give you the tools and exercise regime to learn the proper kettlebell function and correct movement patterns that check and balance strengths and weaknesses. Each session will run 1 hour in length and will include a proper warm-up routine, core stabilization and an all body Kettlebell program. Included will be a take home program that addresses what you have learned and how to put it into practice.
Who will be your instructor: Passionate exercise guru, Head U16 Coach, Patrick Purcell.
*date and time of day is flexible! In a year of being creative, we want to work with families on what is best for them. Please connect with Patrick at patrickp@nysef.org. Thank you for the support and getting healthy with us!