Get ready for more celebrations for the 2016-2017 season!

Get ready for more celebrations for the 2016-2017 season!


Just a quick note from the coaching staff:

In between piling net all summer and getting our skis super sharp for ski season, we’ve made a few tweaks to the program that should make things nice and smooth once the snow starts to fly.

First, we launched our new website— yeehaw! The goal here was to revamp our site and to make it really functional for new families, outside users, and anyone looking to get the scoop on the programs we offer. It’s also a great source for regular news updates (like this one!), so do check back often.

Second, NYSEF participants and coaches will be utilizing a cool new phone and web-based app called TeamSnap this season. It’s a fun and innovative communication platform that should make communication between athletes, parents, coaches and administrators a breeze.

Looking for updates on upcoming race weekends? Yup, check your TeamSnap app. Info on where to meet for dryland, and what to bring? Yeah, TeamSnap that. What equipment you’ll need for Friday’s training? Yes– you guessed it. TeamSnap that, too. But… will it sharpen my skis for me? Nope. That one’s on you. Or dad, if you’re nice to him. But really, it’s a fantastic platform that should really enhance both club communication and the registration process. Of course, as with anything new and exciting, there’s a break-in period, so thanks in advance for your patience and feedback.

Now back to waxing skis! Here’s to a great season,


–The NYSEF coaching staff