…This is how much scholarship was awarded to NYSEF athletes in the 2017-2018 season.

NYSEF funded numerous athletes across all snowsport disciplines through the Dare To Dream Scholarship Fund. Support ranged from subsidizing program costs to summer training fees to special national and international competitions.

However, as program and training fees increase, NYSEF is facing growing demand for scholarship. Costs associated with winter sports are on the rise – and this has a significant impact on whether our athletes are able to continue in their respective sports.  As our athletes grow in their dedicated disciplines, the demand for more competition and need for travel also increases.  Your gift to NYSEF ensures that athletes in our region can pursue their snowsport dreams.

UPDATES FROM EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: As we gear up for the season, I am thrilled with the advancements our organization has made this year. We have hired talented staff, expanded our reach with the addition of the Belleayre program and we continue to gain more athletes locally in the Adirondacks. We celebrated the creation of the NYSEF Hall Of Fame by recognizing our ‘Founding Fathers and Mother’ this summer at the Summer Benefit.

Since 1973, we have offered individuals the opportunity to train and compete at the highest level in New York State. NYSEF provides the supportive environment for athletes that are willing to work hard to reach their dreams. Many of you know exactly what I am talking about and have experienced this. The setting of the Olympic venues and our highly qualified coaching staff set our community apart. Whether a youngster is putting on skis for the first time or a seasoned competitor is traveling the world, we live up to our mission by providing the framework for them to flourish.  

From where it all started in the intimate structure in the Whiteface parking lot to several training facilities around New York State, our reach is made possible because of the support from the entire NYSEF Family. Your commitment to NYSEF, whether of time, talent or financial contribution continues to make a difference. 

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