The NRA Foundation

NYSEF recently received a grant from the National Rifle Foundation(NRA). The grant provides NYSEF with a biathlon right-handed rifle and funds to purchase a harness. With the growing sport of biathlon in the region, more youth athletes are eager to get involved with the sport. Due to the cost of a rifle, several families are discouraged from participating. This rifle will allow an athlete to use throughout the season in hopes of advancing in the sport and investing in one of their own.

The NRA Foundation provides financial support to eligible projects, programs and organizations through its Grant Program. Each year, volunteer committees from across the country tirelessly raise charitable dollars and generous donors make gifts that are in turn awarded as grants in support of educational and public service programs relating to the shooting sports in our communities.

The general focus of Foundation grants is to:

  • Promote, advance and encourage firearms, shooting sports and hunting safety
  • Educate individuals with respect to firearms, firearms history, participation in the shooting sports, hunting safety, and marksmanship
  • Conduct research in furtherance of improved firearms safety and marksmanship facilities and techniques

For more information on NRA grant programs, visit their website here.