Meet NYSEF Board Member, Richard Vance Smith. When he is not doing Board duties, he is an Otolaryngologist (ENT) specializing in Head and Neck Cancer Surgery.

  • How long have you been on the NYSEF Board? 2012
  • Did you ski/ride and/or race/compete, if so, can you briefly discuss your skiing/riding history? Rich ski raced in High School and went to Middlebury College where he joined the Ski Patrol and was a professional Ski Patroller at Pico after graduation as well.  All three of his children raced for NYSEF and attended Northwood School.  They all began early, when Dillon was 7/8 and then as early as possible for Aiden and Chelsea.  Dillon raced in college for Harvard and Aiden is racing for RPI.
  • What motivated you to join the Board and work with NYSEF as a Board of Director? Seeing the fantastic values of the Program, commitment of the staff and watching the impact of racing on my family and others.
  • How has being on the board changed (if it has) your outlook on NYSEF and snowsports? What have you learned being a part of the board? I have learned about the challenges of having a high level ski program with respect to interactions with related organizations, the evolving place of winter sports in sporting culture and the dedication of the people – staff, coaches, family and directors to this sport and the NYSEF community.
  • What do you like/love most about snowsports? The snowsport culture? I like to esprit de corps among those involved in snowsports, the healthy lifestyle, the tenacity required to train and perform in difficult conditions and, for the athletes, the understanding of complete accountability – at the end of the race, the results are entirely up to the athlete.
  • How do you feel connected to NYSEF (the program, the history)? My family and I have been welcomed by the organization and we have a deep connection to NYSEF and the region.  So much so that we plan to retire to Saranac Lake.  
  • What hobbies do you have? What do you like to do in your free time? Watersports – frozen and thawed (skiing, waterskiing, wake surfing, hydrofoiling, wakeboarding, etc).  I enjoy golfing and sports in general.  I am an avid woodworker as well and like doing home construction and repair.

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