THANK YOU to the Kelly Brush Foundation (KBF) for granting NYSEF $10,000 for B-Net. NYSEF will use the funds to purchase rolls of B-Net (with poles) and then an additional poles for replacement.

KBF helps alpine ski clubs around the country purchase safety equipment like netting and padding. They also contribute to venue improvement initiatives.

Keeping our training and racing venues properly protected is a top priority. The venues serve athletes upwards of 7 days per week throughout the season with higher demands on the weekends. NYSEF hosts training and races at all three mountains simultaneously.

NYSEF is thrilled to be expanding and we’re proud to be hosting more high-profile events than ever before. However, the high volume of events we host has led annually to some damaged B-Net while our increasing need to provide protected training environments have also increased our demand for B-Net.

Thank you to KBF’s commitment to the safety of all athletes.