On Saturday, February 1, NYSEF Nordic athletes competed in the K20, K48 and Nordic Combined Competition at the Lake Placid Ski Jumping Complex. During their competition, these athletes were also jumping for a great cause: to raise funds for ski jumping equipment with their furthest jump of the day! Great job athletes!

Results and funds raised can be found on the shared link here. Please send a check to NYSEF (PO Box 300, Wilmington NY 12997) or make your donation online here and put ‘ski jumping’ in comments. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!

NYSEF Results are below:

K20 Jump: U12 Girls

Kai McKinnon placed 1st

Leila Fey placed 4th

Sophie Hoffman placed 5th

K20 Jump: Open Girls

Emma Morrow placed 1st

K20 Jump: U12 Boys

Duncan Van Dorn placed 1st

Kai Morrow placed 2nd

Max Fey placed 3rd

Henry Loher placed 4th

Charlie Fox placed 6th

Eli Larkin placed 7th

Will Coffin placed 8th

Sam Morrow placed 11th

K20 Jump: Open Boys

Trey Frantz placed 1st

Jack Kroll placed 2nd

Mitchell Penning placed 3rd

K48 Jump: Open Girls

Elise Loescher placed 1st

Kai McKinnon placed 2nd

Caroline Harrison placed 3rd

K48 Jump: U16 Boys

Tate Frantz placed 1st

Angelo Goodwin placed 4th

Duncan Van Dorn placed 6th

Jack Kroll placed 7th

Charlie Fox placed 8th

Max Fey placed 9th

Eli Larkin placed 10th

Mitchell Penning placed 11th

Henry Loher placed 12th

Kai Morrow placed 14th

K48 Jump: Open Boys

Henry Johnstone placed 3rd

Sam Arquit placed 5th

Jack Lawrence placed 7th

K20 Nordic Combined: U12 Girls

Leila Fey placed 2nd

K20 Nordic Combined: Open Girls

Emma Morrow placed 1st

K20 Nordic Combined: U12 Boys

Max Fey placed 1st

Henry Loher placed 2nd

Eli Larkin placed 4th

Kai Morrow placed 5th

Charlie Fox placed 6th

Sam Morrow placed 8th

K20 Nordic Combined: Open Boys

Mitchell Penning placed 1st

K48 Nordic Combined: U16 Boys

Tate Frantz placed 1st

Angelo Goodwin placed 2nd

Jack Kroll placed 3rd

K48 Nordic Combined: Open Boys

Henry Johnstone placed 2nd

Sam Arquit placed 4th

Jack Lawrence placed 5th

More Results can be found at empirestatewintergames.com