Join NYSEF Snowsports on Saturday, March 3 beginning at Noon for a bar-b-que to celebrate Ingrid Ormsby’s life and support the Ingrid Ormsby Scholarship Fund with NYSEF.  The bar-b-que will take place outside the NYSEF Building at Whiteface.

The cost of the bar-b-que is $10.00 per person. A portion of the $10.00 will support the scholarship fund! A NYSEF staff member will be collecting food money ‘at the door.’

The Ingrid Ormsby Scholarship is dedicated to Ingrid’s support of alpine racing for local youth athletes. The Scholarship is awarded annually to an athlete who is pursuing their snowsport career at Whiteface and participating in NYSEF. In addition to being an avid alpine skier, the scholarship recipient must also be in good standing with the local community and their school. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!