Meet Post Graduate (PG) alpine athlete, Jack Marrs Mitchell from Santa Fe, New Mexico! His home ski mountain is Ski Santa Fe and Sipapu Ski Resort. Jack attended Northwood School and is entering his second year with the New York Ski Educational Foundation (NYSEF) PG Program. NYSEF provides opportunities for athletes of all ages to reach their potential in snowsports through professional guidance and financial support. Jack’s main Coach is Olympic athlete, Thomas Vonn. “Jack is one of those special people, he is the glue that bonds the team together and sincerely supports his teammates and gets along with everyone,” Coach Vonn said.

Jack is committed to ski racing with NYSEF again this winter and wants to represent his community training and racing at Whiteface. On the subject of community support, he said, “the community has always been behind me, my family has supported me from day one and made huge sacrifices financially to help me pursue my dream. My Santa Fe Ski team has supported me like I was their child and still supports me to this day.” In a brief interview, we got to learn a little more about Jack and his commitment to the sport. 

How did you learn about Northwood and NYSEF? During the spring of 2018, I was at a ski race in Aspen, Colorado and stayed in the same house as fellow PG athlete, Jake Reynolds– who was attending Northwood School. I learned about Northwood and NYSEF from Jake and was instantly interested. After the race, I asked my parents if I could apply to Northwood School and see where it went. I got in and was off to Lake Placid in the fall of 2018. 

What do you like most about the NYSEF PG Program? The PG program has helped me grow. I not only have improved immensely as a ski racer but also as a person. As a PG, you do not have people checking on you everyday so you develop independence quickly. This allowed me to mature into the adult I am now. I have made lifelong friends with fellow athletes and coaching staff that would be impossible without NYSEF. I love being able to follow one of my passions and work with some of my closest friends.

What are you looking forward to this season and how will the NYSEF PG program get you there? Every season that I have been with NYSEF, my ski racing abilities have dramatically improved and I plan on doing that again this season. My goal is to ski at the collegiate level and I look forward to working everyday to get one step closer to that goal. NYSEF has provided me with a very high level training environment and the guidance to reach these goals.

How does the PG program support your athletic and academic/personal goals?  NYSEF provides me with world class coaching and facilities to help me improve my ski racing abilities. Off of the slopes, NYSEF offers online classes with a local community college to make sure I have the opportunity to continue my academic career at my pace.

How have your coaches supported you in your goals? My coach, Thomas Vonn supports me in more ways than I could have imagined. He helps me with not only my skiing technique but also with fine tuning my equipment. Vonn is my coach and also my friend and I know that he is always there for me whether it be ski racing or just life in general. 

What have you been doing to prep for the 20/21 season? summer conditioning? I had to take a little bit of time off from conditioning because of a sustained lower leg injury. After pushing through that injury, I now workout 6 days a week following a rigorous conditioning plan set up by my coaches. When not getting in shape for the ski season I am usually working so I can financially support my season. 

As the expense of ski racing continues to rise, please consider supporting a local athlete and help fulfill his dreams! Donations for Jack’s athletic endeavors with NYSEF can be made at Please put “Jack Mitchell” in comments so the organization can earmark your donation to his program.