The NYSEF crew had a blast at the Flaming Leaves Festival this past weekend (October 7-8, 2017). We met several ski jumping enthusiasts, watched some impressive competitions and met few community members!

On Saturday, NYSEF youth jumpers flew off the 20 meter and 48 meter jumps. These youth jumpers have been training all summer for this competition and they were ready to set the precedent for the rest of the weekend. Their motivation to ski jump and passion for the sport excited the Flaming Leaves crowd and the rest of the athletes competing.  Some of the youth jumpers are starting as young as 8 years old and are beginning their jumping career earlier than athletes headed to the 2018 Olympic Games!

NYSEF athletes get to learn from the best ski jumpers in the United States —an opportunity based on the area we live and venue we train.

We are also lucky that our NYSEF alums love being a part of Flaming Leaves and educating the youth athletes. NYSEF ski jumping alum, Tara Geraghty-Moats, who is currently injured but still ready to gear up for the season, was announcing the competition this weekend. We are thankful to have so much inspiration and experience as our emcee. Tara’s enthusiasm put instant smiles on the NYSEF Family.

On Sunday, the US championship took place. Jumping started in the morning and the US Nordic Combined championship took place in the afternoon.

On Sunday, NYSEF alum, Nina Lussi won two national championships. Nina has been training all summer across the country and we were thrilled to see her take gold at home in front of family, friends, and her favorite cheerleaders, the NYSEF Family. We had another NYSEF alum flying in the competition, Gabby Armstrong. Gabby placed fifth in the junior women’s competition on Saturday and eighth in the US Championship women’s division on Sunday. Gabby has been volunteering with NYSEF this summer! The most recent event she helped execute was the popular, Summer Benefit.

On the men’s side, NYSEF had a couple athletes competing in the US championships. Matt White competed in the K-90 championships and was top 10 on Saturday. Becket Ledger, competed in the Nordic combined championship and placed fifteenth in the championship on Sunday and thirteenth in the Nordic combined championship.

In between the championships on Sunday, NYSEF did their annual Golf Ball Roll. Board Member, Darcy Norfolk won the roll and has decided to donate $500 back to the NYSEF Nordic programs. THANK YOU DARCY!

For more details on the results, please see below.