February Athlete of the Month, Elise Loescher is a 17-year old, ski jumping athlete from Burlington, V.T. and a junior at Northwood School. Elise started ski jumping with NYSEF 4 years ago but has been alpine skiing since she was 2-years old. Since the first time she launched off a ski jump, Elise loved the feeling of flying through the air. What motivates her to stay in the sport is “that unique feeling of flying through the air, the people that I have met and the places I have been able to travel.”

When asked if she had any role models in the sport, she answered, her coach, Colin Delaney and the current women competing in the sport. “Colin is so knowledgeable in the sport and remains humble in everything he does. Another role model are all the strong and talented women who have pushed for equality in the sport.” Some of Elise’s long term goals are to stay healthy, compete internationally, and be a good example to the younger athletes while educating the public about the sport.

When discussing her season, Head Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined Coach, Colin Delaney said, “she has had her best winter to date with her best US Cup results competing in Colorado and across the Midwest.”

Currently, Elise is working on listening to her body and being in tune to any potential pain, especially in her back. “My coaches have taught me to become aware of my back pain and they have helped me strengthen it and be aware when I need to take a break to stay healthy,” Elise said. 

Elise hopes to train throughout the summer and be consistent with her jumping. “I’m hoping this summer Elise will get the chance to compete at her first FIS level events in Europe in August. She will have the opportunity to meet more athletes from other countries and experience new venues around the world,” Coach Delaney added.

Additionally, this upcoming summer Elise wants “to focus on the mental side of the sport, being in the right mindset can give you an edge on the other competitors.” 

In her free time, Elise loves to visit family and friends, go rock climbing and play lacrosse. Congrats on your season!