NYSEF Annual Report

Thank you and acknowledgement of your annual support.


The annual report acknowledges gifts received by NYSEF between
September 1, 2018 - August 31, 2019. 

The names under each membership level reflect gifts of cash, securities and in-kind. The report is compiled by the staff and the Board of Directors. The utmost care has been taken in preparing this report. Occasionally, however, errors do occur. We apologize if this has happened and ask that you notify us with any inaccuracies or omissions.

Olympic Membership $10,000 and above

Mr. Tim Byrne
Cloudsplitter Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy and Andrea Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Mark 'Dill' and Susan Driscoll
Henry Uihlein II and Mildred A. Uihlein Foundation Trust
Mr. Andy Lack
Lussi Family Fund
Donald C. McGraw Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Elizabeth McGraw
Mr. Edward Sparkowski
Mr. Keith Stoltz

World Cup Membership $5,000 and above

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin and Teresa Brady
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Brumm and Shyama Patel
Crowne Plaza Lake Placid
Killington World Cup Foundation
Dr. & Dr. Kevin Klebba and Maggie Ho
Long Run Wealth Advisors
Lake Placid Family Dental
Jeffries Financial Group, LLC
Merrill L. Thomas Lake Placid Real Estate
Sport Insurance
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew and Nell Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. J.D. and Diane Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. John and Alex Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Brooks Reynolds
Town of Johnsburg Occupancy Committee

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Continental Cup Membership $1,000 and above

American Legion Post 326
Ann & David Harden Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Mary Ann Benedetto II
Mr. & Mrs. Bob and Tish Biesemeyer
Mr. & Mrs. James and Marion Brady
Casella Waste Management
Mr. & Mrs. Tom and Adele Connors
Gore Mountain Lodge/ becksTAVERN
Gore Ski Club
Mr. Jack Gower
Mr. & Mrs. Greg and Lorie Harden
High Peaks Resort
Mr. & Mrs. John and Lila Huwiler
Mr. & Mrs. Winnie and Stephanie Holderied
Hyde Fuel Co.
IRONMAN Foundation
Lake Placid Education Foundation Fund
Lake Placid Animal Hospital
Lake Placid Ski Club
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur and Martina Lussi
Ms. Cristina Lussi
Mr. & Mrs. Reed and Karen Miller
Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa
Munter Enterprises, Inc.
Network For Good
Mr. & Mrs. Jack and Carol Norton
National Rifle Association Foundation
Picotte Family Foundation
Mr. Tim O. Porter
R P Ledger Construction, Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Howard and Peggy Silverstein
Sports Page Ski & Patio
Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Philippe Brisson and Stephanie Demers
Stewarts Foundation
Sundance Leisure
Mr. & Mrs. Ed and Lisa Weibrecht

Eastern Cup Membership $500 and above

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur and Sandy Bissell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Tosca Carpenter
Central Garage
Champlain Bank
Community Bank
Community Fund of the Gore Region
Ms. Christina Coyne
Dr. & Mrs. Steve and Jenn Dempsey
Dr. & Mrs. Duncan and Kim Douglas
Mr. Wayne Feinberg
Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Cristi Kloc
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kroll and Tricia Asaro
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Marsha Liebowitz
Lions Club of Lake Placid
Lake Placid Marathon
Mr. & Mrs. John and Pam MacAffer
Adirondack Foundation- Woods and Pearl McCahill Family Fund
Mr. Steven McCartin
Mr. Jeff Moeckel
Mr. & Mrs. William and Connie Nealon III
Northwood School
Mr. Dylan F. Peck
Price Chopper's Golub Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Judi Strack
Mr. & Mrs. Royce VanEvera and Tina Charbonneau
Ms. Barb Wagner
Walmart Community Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Horst and Edith Weber
Wildwood on the Lake
Mr. & Mrs. Jacob and Tara Wright

Empire State Membership $250 and above

Adirondack Woodcraft Camps
Alpine Haus
Mr. & Mrs. Brian and Janet Bliss
Ms. Jenifer Briggs
Briggs Law Firm, LLP
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff and Nevenka Byrne
BlueShield Northeastern
Ms. Nancy Colon
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Jennifer Coombs
Ms. Maryellen Decker
Mr. James E. DeFilippo, Esq.
Mr. Daniel DeGirolamo
Ms. Gypsy M. Denzine
Mr. & Mrs. Bill and Kathy Ebert
Mr. & Mrs. Edward P. Finnerty and Nancie R. Battaglia
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Denise Erenstone
Ms. Marcy Fagan
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher and Leslie Bixler Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Jessy and Jim Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Craig and Jacquie Lopez Higgins
Mr. Frederick Jubitz
Mr. & Mrs. Fred and Sandy Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. Rich and Katrina Kroes
Ms. Virginia LaCavalla
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Jen Ledger
Mr. & Mrs. Freling H. Smith and Linda C. Griffin
Mr. Michael Lynn
Mr. & Mrs. Robert & Karen MacDowell
Mr. Michael Maher
Mr. James McGuire
Mr. Alfred Merchant
New England Nordic Ski Assoc. (NENSA)
Norfolk Law, PLLC
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew and Darcy Norfolk
Mr. & Mrs. John Norton and Beatty Schlueter
"Mr. & Mrs. Brandon Haase and
Helena Oechsner"
Mr. & Mrs. Stevan and Carrie Paton
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and Ruth Manchester
Mr. Robert Politi
Reliable Racing
Ms. Diane Scholl
Mr. & Mrs. Eric and Laurie Schulz
Mr. & Mrs. Eli and Emily Schwartzberg
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Eileen Stephenson
Ms. Katherine Torrance
Ms. Julie Voss
Mr. & Mrs. Tait and Carrie Wardlaw
Mr. & Mrs. Dave and Kate Zientko

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Untitled design (11)

Annual Membership gifts up to $249

Mr. Colton Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Rogers and Valerie Abraham-Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas and Gina Accordino
Ms. Mavis Agnew
Mr. & Mrs. Nik and Lisa Aktas
Mr. & Mrs. John and Linda Banta
Mr. Philip Baumbach
Ms. Jill Beier
Mr. Pete Biesemeyer
Ms. Amanda Birchenough
Mr. Ted Blazer
Mr. Gregory Borzilleri
Mr. Deborah Boyce
Mr. Pete Brady
Mr. & Mrs. Tim and Andrea Burke
Burnham Benefit Advisors
Mr. Jeff Burnham
Mr. Michael Butler
Mr. & Mrs. Ron D. Goodwin and Linda A. Carbone-Goodwin
Mr. Bob Catalano
Mr. & Mrs. Denis and Brita Chagnon
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and June Coarding
Mr. & Mrs. Andrea and Terry Crikelair
Mr. Ryan A. Cuttler
Mr. & Mrs. John and Carolyn Czimbal
Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Shannon Dahl
Ms. Lisa Dalmer
Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Dana Damp
Ms. Helen Demong
Ms. Jean M DeSchriver
Ms. Meg DeSchriver
Mr. Tom DeSchriver
Mr. Steven Detwiler
Mr. Alan F Dickey
Ms. Marguerite Dieffenbach
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick and Stephanie Doherty
Mr. Christopher Doll
Dr. & Dr. Joseph and Rhiannon Clauss
Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Urte DelliQuadri
Dustin, Inc.
Ms. Barb Dwyer
Mr. & Mrs. Sepp and Tina Eigenmann
Emma's Lake Placid Creamery
Mr. Marc Eves
Mr. Peter Falletta
Mr. & Mrs. Alex and Sarah Faust
Mr. William C Ferguson
Dr. & Dr. Martin Ferrillo and Radana Dooley
Ms. Lori Fitzgerald
Mr. Terence Fogarty
Mr. & Mrs. Robert and Nell Fraser
Ms. Linda Friedlander
Ms. Danika Frisbie
Ms. Debbie Gardiner
Golden Arrow Resort
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan and Meghan Gravatt
Mr. Jeff Gross
Mr. Peter Hallagan
Hampton Inn & Suites Lake Placid
Ms. Jessica Hartley
Haselton Lumber
Mr. Brady Hayes
Mr. Bud Heck
Mr. & Mrs. Dieter and Lisa Heckmann
Mr. Michael Herlihy
Ms. Kari Hoffman
Mr. Morgan Hole
Mr. Chris Jacob
Ms. Sheila Jacob
Mr. & Mrs. Phil and Brigitte Johnson
Mr. Jimbo Johnston
Mr. Michael Raymond Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Kelleher and Kaila Collins
Ms. Jennifer Keller
Mr. Christopher Kostoss
Mr. Nicholas Kulina
Ms. Jaclyn LaCavalla
Ms. Gina Lawney
Ms. Danielle Levitan
Mr. & Mrs. John Silver and Linda Hlavacek
Ms. Christa Loescher
Mr. Philip Loftus
Ms. Nina Lussi
Ms. Jenna Lute
Mr. Jackson Magnus
Ms. Sarah H Manchester
Mr. Frank McBurney
Mr. David McCahill
Ms. Tracy McClelland
Mr. & Mrs. Vinny and Barbara McClelland
Ms. Andrea Autumn McGuire
Mr. Richard B Meyer
Ms. Liz Mezzetti
Mr. Chris McGill
Mr. John Morgan
NBT Bank
Ms. Carol Nevulis
Ms. Tony Nickinello
Mr. & Mrs. Alex and Mara Niefer
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy and Becky Northrup
Mr. James Norton
Mr. Scott Olney
Ms. Barb Papineau
Ms. Megan Papineau
Ms. Karen Penning
Ms. Catherine Piche
Players Sports Bar
Ms.Paula Politi
Ms. Wilhelm Prinz
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel and Sheila Quiles
Mr. Graham Quisenberry
Mr. & Mrs. Jay and Gun Rand
Ms. Stephanie Ratcliffe
Mr. Steven Regan
The Reynolds Group
Ms. Tatiana Riepe
Mr. James A Sasko
Mr. & Mrs. Mark and Kristen Scanio
Mr. Austin Scholl
Mr. & Mrs. Jan and John Schriefer
Mr. Jay Shepherd
Mr. Kristin Shute
Ski Areas of New York
Dr. & Dr. Richard Smith and Barbara Dill
Ms. Lynn Sprott
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn and Karolyn Stephenson
Mr. & Mrs. Larry and Meg Stone
Mr. Eoghan O Sweeney
Mr. Austin Swirsky
Mr. & Mrs. Kip and Julie Testwuide
Timothy R. Smith, Attorney At Law
Tri-Lakes Federal Credit Union
Mr. & Mrs. Adrian and Simona Turcu
Twitchell Sportswear
Mr. & Mrs. Peter and Inger Vonn
Mr. Alfred Walden
Dr. & Mrs. Dwight and Connie Webster
Mr. & Mrs. Herman and Joanna Weintraub
Mr. & Mrs. David and Marci Wenn
Mr. & Mrs. James and Elizabeth White
Ms. Cheley Witte
Mr. Paul Woodruff
Mr. & Mrs. Bert and Heike Yost

Kai Mck

Gifts in-kind

Academy on Main
Adirdonack Popcorn Store
Adirondack Chocolates
Adirondack Health
Adirondack Store
AED Superstore
Alpine Images
Arthur Glick Auto Sales
AuSable Chasm
Bliss and Vinegar
Bookstore Plus
Boots and Birdies
Boyer Septic Systems
Bromley Mountain
Cabot Cheese Creamery
Caleb Smith
Cape Air
Carriage House Cooking School
Cascade XC Ski Center
Chair 6 Private Chef & Event Catering.
Cranmore Mountain Resort
Darcy Norfolk
Darrah Cooper Jewelers
Deer Valley Resort
Eastern Mountain Sports
Emma's Lake Placid Creamery
FireSide Wood
Fogarty's Lake Flower Marina
Forrence Orchards
Garnet Hill Lodge
Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort
Green Goddess
Greg and Lorie Harden
Griffin Sailing School
Heaven Hill Farm
High Peaks Cyclery
High Peaks Distributing
High Peaks Resort
High Peaks Yoga Tree
Ironman Foundation
Jim White
John Vargo
Julie Betts Testwuide
Keene Valley Lodge
Kevin Drury
Kinney's Drug Store
Lake Champlain Transportation Company
Lake Placid Center for the Arts
Lake Placid Craft Brewing
Lake Placid Florist
Lake Placid Olympic Museum
Lake Placid Rug & Home
Lake Placid Ski Club
Lake Placid Soccer Center
Lake Placid Spirits
Lake Placid Training Center
Lamb Lumber
Maddie Phaneauf
Maine Root Soda
Man & Beast
Mary Anne Benedetto
Beauty Counter c/o Mary Jane Lawrence
Mirror Lake Inn
North Country School
Northwood School
Palace Theatre
Petit Papillon
Photography Pigeon
Pickled Pig
Pinch or A Pound
Placid Boatworks
Placid Planet
Pure Placid
Royce Van Evera and Tina Charbonneau
Salt of the Earth
Shady Grove Farm & Wellness Center
Sharon Wood
Sid Ward
Simply Gourmet
Skyzone Queensbury
Solitude Catering
Sports Page & Patio
Steve Kroll Innovations
Stoweflake Resort
Stratton Mountain Resort
The Essex Vermont's Culinary Resort & Spa
The Wild Center
The Wine & Spirit Shoppe
Villa Vespa
Whiteface Woodcutters

A special THANK YOU to those who volunteer their time and treasure and support NYSEF, we are grateful for your commitment!

Support the future of snowsports!


"We want to thank our generous supporters for investing financial resources throughout the season. With your help, NYSEF awarded $115,000 in scholarship during the 2018- 2019 season. We are very proud of this! However, the most challenging issue faced by programs across the country is a high drop-out rate as young athletes move up through the age classifications. No one seems to have found a solution, but it is clear that affordability is one, and possibly the most important. Whether you attend a social event or buy a raffle ticket from an athlete, you are helping us in our efforts to boost participation. Many thanks to all! Oh, and if you’re the lucky ticket, you may walk off with a new mountain bike. Looking forward to a great season!"- Board Chairman, Greg Harden