NYSEF ski jumpers and nordic combined athletes recently traveled to Andover, NH to compete against a strong field of athletes from across the East. Many NYSEF athletes had excellent results and it was a valuable competition experience for all individuals that went on the trip – especially our Youth Jumpers.

Results included two hill records within their respective classes. On the 18m jump, Kai McKinnon of Lake Placid had a powerful leap of 14m breaking the old mark, followed shortly after by NYSEF athlete, Mitchell Penning of Toronto, Canada who set a new hill record within his class of  15.5m.

THANK YOU to coaches Jay Rand and Larry Stone for supporting the athletes on this trip!

Overall Class Results for NYSEF athletes are as follows:

18m Ski Jump U10 (Under 10 years)

1st. Eli Larkin, Plattsburgh, NY                 117.5 points

2nd. Max Fey, Keene Valley, NY             109.5 points

3rd. Charlie Fox, Lake Placid, NY            100.0 points

5th. Will Coffin, Lake Placid, NY           58.0 points

18m Ski Jump Girls Open

1st. Kai McKinnon, Lake Placid, NY                    119.0 points

2nd. Holly Ernstone, Lake Placid, NY                   53.5 points

18m Ski Jump Boys Open

1st. Trey Frantz, Lake Placid, NY                         128.0 points

2nd. Mitchell Penning, Toronto, Canada           122.5 points

5th. Duncan Van Dorn, Lake Placid, NY          117.0 points

6th. Jack Kroll, Albany, NY                                      114.5 points

30m Ski Jump Boys Open

1st. Duncan Van Dorn, Lake Placid, NY          112.5 points

30m Ski Jump U12 (Under 12 Yrs)

1st. Charlie Fox, Lake Placid, NY                          108.0 points

38m Ski Jump U14 Ladies Open

1st. Kai McKinnon, Lake Placid, NY                    161.0 points

38m Ski Jump (U14)

1st. Cameron Forbush, Hanover, NH                222.0 points

2nd. Trey Frantz, Lake Placid, NY                         187.5 points

5th.      Mitchell Penning, Toronto, Canada           162.0 points

6th. Jack Kroll, Albany, NY                             159.0 points

7th.      Max Fey, Keene Valley, NY                           132.5 points

8th. Eli Larkin, Plattsburg, NY                             132.0 points

NYSEF Jumpers getting ready to fly.