Recently, a local NYSEF athlete, Wyatt Wardlaw suffered a life-threatening injury while training at Whiteface. With rapid developments in alpine ski technology/tuning there has been an increase in life-threatening lacerations to young ski racers. Crossfit Lake Placid and Nysef Snowsports are teaming up to raise awareness and funds to purchase “Stop the Bleed” control kits for staff and volunteers. Please visit and put ‘bleed kits’ in comments or stop by Crossfit Lake Placid or NYSEF to support this program.

“Stop the Bleed” is a national campaign to educate people on how to save lives if people are severely bleeding. The effort in the Alpine ski race community is being led by the Kelly Brush Foundation together with the Davis family, whose son was severely cut in 2018. More information on this campaign can be found at!