NYSEF athletes raced at Windham and Toggenburg in March to qualify for the U12 Future Stars and U12 SL Camp this spring. U12 Future Stars will be taking place at Gore Mountain on March 24-25 and the U12 SL Camp at West Mountain on March 31 and April 1.

The Future Stars event consists mainly of big mountain free-skiing and lots of volume with focus on specific skills. The SL Camp is slalom specific and is designed to teach second-year U12 athletes proper tall-pole SL technique which they will experience when they begin racing as a U14.

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The below shows those who qualified for the U12 Future Stars at Gore, March 24-25. This project includes athletes from several other eastern states and is an all mountain project which includes synchro skiing, Dual SL and tons of skiing all over the mountain.

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