FULL NAME: Colin Delaney

HOMETOWN: Born and raised in Lake Placid

Job title at NYSEF: Head Coach for Ski Jumping/Nordic Combined

Additional job, not at NYSEF, if any: General operations at High Peaks Cyclery (inventory management, bike mechanic, guide, mopping).

Did you ski/ride and/or race/compete, if so, can you briefly discuss your skiing/riding history?: I competed in Nordic Combined from the youth level and made it to World Junior Championships before taking a break from competing full-time to go to Saint Michael’s College. I skied for their Division I nordic program while studying Mathematics, and continued competing for 3 years in Nordic Combined after college, including a couple World Cup starts.

What motivated you to start coaching (and/or working in snowsports)? I started assisting with the Youth Jump Team with Coach Larry Stone at the end of one winter and I was hooked. The instant feedback of an athlete conquering a new skill, or jumping a bigger hill for the first time, and reliving my memories with the sport while trying to instill a love of winter sports/the outdoors in the current generation of athletes, along with seeing athletes working hard and reaching goals, all of that.

What do you like/love most about snowsports? The snowsport culture? I love the enthusiasm and sense of camaraderie in the ski jumping/nordic combined community. All athletes who have flown off an Olympic sized hill have a connection to the sport that is unbreakable.

 How do you feel connected to NYSEF (the program, the history)? The coaches and athletes I looked up to as a junior in the NYSEF program kept me motivated and focused throughout my athletic career. The view of the K90 and K120 towers from basically anywhere in town when I’m out doing errands, or finishing a bike ride or run gives me goosebumps to this day when I think back on how I had the guidance/support to learn to fly.

 What do you like to do in the off season? During your free time? What hobbies do you have? Backcountry Skiing, Mountain biking, running, triathlon, and cooking to refuel from endurance endeavors.

Anything else you would like to add? I’m beyond excited for the venue improvements that are leading up to the 2023 World University Games. This winter was a good start, and in the coming years we are going to have the best, most modern training facility on the continent.