Get 5% and Give 5%! Continue your athlete’s adventure this summer at Adirondack Woodcraft Camps (AWC) to give back to NYSEF and save on camp tuition all in one. AWC is a traditional co-ed sleep away camp for kids ages 6-16 with an emphasis on outdoor leadership and wilderness living skills based in Old Forge, NY. Doug & Christina Bartlett, owners and directors, have two children participating in the U10/U12 NYSEF Gore Alpine program where their oldest daughter started in the Sunday only program 5 seasons ago. “Joining the NYSEF family solidified our love for the Adirondacks,” says Doug Bartlett. “Our commitment to the program and getting our kids involved in this great sport even though we lived 4 hours away in central NJ is what helped our life’s dream come true.” That’s a fact. Christina Bartlett was browsing through a real estate magazine at Cafe Sarah’s in town when she stumbled across the for sale ad for Adirondack Woodcraft Camps. As former educators and camp directors for programs across the country they had been looking for the right camp to call their own. As the third owners of AWC in its 93 year history they bring tremendous experience, enthusiasm and vision to the table.

The Bartletts also feel the camp’s philosophy shares some similar themes with what NYSEF skiers are all about. “Our mission at Woodcraft is to help young people grow in courage, build resilience and see the natural world and friends around them with caring eyes” explains Christina. “We know they’re not skiing but whether it’s hiking a peak together, paddling a river, zipping through the trees, or working toward their next mountain biking or archery badge, campers are stepping up even when it’s not easy. They are challenging themselves and giving and receiving the support of their friends. This is very similar to what we experience with our kids and the team at NYSEF Gore.” For more information about an awesome summer adventure for your athlete, check out their website at