On Saturday, January 30, the NYSEF Youth Jump Team is raising money for ski jumping equipment. NYSEF keeps a fleet of jumping equipment (boots, suits, skis) for our youth jumping program so athletes can be introduced to the sport and develop in a cost effective and safe way.

We want each athlete to have at least 1 donor (grandparent, teacher, local community member, NYSEF Board Member, etc.) to pledge a dollar amount per meter jumped. The longest competition jump of the day will be the fundraiser. We encourage everyone to participate and have fun! For example:

  • Athlete: Kai McKinnon
  • Donor: Danielle LaCavalla
  • Pledge: $1.50/meter
  • Longest Competition Jump of the day: Kai jumps the 48M and goes 50M, Danielle donates $75 to NYSEF. If Danielle is not around, Kai follows up with Danielle regarding donation and how to donate. All donations should be paid via nysef.org/donate(in comments please put athletes name and ski jumping pledge) or by check to NYSEF, PO Box 300, Wilmington, NY 12997!

Please register your donor and pledge amount per meter in this shared sheet . Minimum pledge per meter is $1