Alpine athletes were racing at 2 events this Leap Weekend (February 28 – March 1). CONGRATS to the athletes and thank you to the coaches and staff for the support on and off the hill.

U19/U21 Athletes Podium at Mont Sainte Anne: NYSEF and Northwood Men raced in Mont Sainte Anne for an Entry League (ENL) Candian FIS GS series. The Mens team was ready to race and put down top results landing a couple on the podium:

  • Zane Graham (NYSEF) placed 1st on Day 1 
  • Trent Orrange-Paton ((NYSEF) placed 2nd on Day 1 and 3rd on Day 2
  • Brady Mason (NYSEF) placed 7th on Day 1
  • Zach Zientko (Northwood) placed 15th on Day 1

Athletes qualify for U19/U21 Eastern Finals: NYSEF and Northwood athletes have qualified for the U19/U21 Eastern Finals. The quota for NYSSRA is 22 Women and 28 Men selected from results at State Championships which took place this past weekend in Hunt Hollow, NY and Bristol Mountain, NY.

U19/U21 Eastern Finals will be taking place at Gore Mountain on March 19-22. 

NYSEF and Northwood are sending 8 Women: Rosalie Poisson (NYSEF), Hillary Larsen (Northwood), Mina Ivkovic (NYSEF), Angelica DeGuardia (NYSEF), Amanda Quiles (NYSEF), Claire Felton (NYSEF), Senay Aktas (NYSEF), Hale Aktas (NYSEF) The 6 Men include Shane Bittinger (NYSEF), Andrew Fogarty (NYSEF), Tyler Munter (NYSEF), John Graney (NYSEF), Matt Sisca (NYSEF), and Martin McDonough (Northwood). 

Top 5 U19/U21 Women’s podium highlights include: 

  • Poisson – 2nd in SG, 4th in GS and 3rd in SL
  • Larsen – 3th in SL
  • Ivkovic – 5th in GS, 7th in SL
  • DeGuardia – 8th in SG, 7th in GS
  • Quiles – 8th in SL

Top 5 U19/U21 Men’s podium highlights include: 

  • Bittinger – 2nd in SG, 4th in GS, 1st in SL
  • Fogarty – 7th in SG, 5th in GS
  • Munter – 12th in SG
  • Graney – 14th in SL
  • Sisca – 14th in GS

More information on U19/U21 Finals can be found on

Podium shots attached:

Day 1 Mont Sainte Anne

Day 2 Mont Sainte Anne

U19/U21 Womens Podium Highlight (SL)


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