While most NYSEF athletes were participating in Empire State Games, U14 athletes were racing in the Mud, Sweat and Gears series at McCauley Mountain and West Mountain.  Local NYSEF Winter term athlete, Lilyann Fisher placed first both days. When asked about her training to prepare for these races, she said, “we are able to train every day which allows us more time to work on things.” Lilyann is currently working on keeping her shoulders level and putting more pressure on the outside ski. Lilyann is in her second year in Winter term and has enjoyed the “supportive group of peers and environment where we are able to ski a lot and get our school work done.” Some of her goals are to “make top 10 at U14 Easterns and qualify for Can-Ams.”

Next event for U14s is a Super G on February 21 at Gore.

Great job, Lilyann and the rest of the NYSEF team! Below are top NYSEF Results:

McCauley Mountain: SL: Girls

Lilyann Fisher placed 1st

Zoe Carpenter placed 2nd

Taylor Dennis placed 3rd

Gianna Manuele placed 4th

Katalin Mazansky placed 5th

Shayla Byrne placed 6th

Ava Villiere placed 7th

Emma Poisson placed 8th

Sarah Macfarlane placed 9th

Chiara Gelardi placed 10th

McCauley Mountain: SL: Boys

Lincoln Norfolk  placed 1st

Charles Howe placed 2nd

Moksh Patel placed 5th

James Parobeck placed 7th

Marko IVKOVIC  placed 9th

West Mountain: GS: Girls

Lilyann Fisher placed 1st

Ava Villiere placed 3rd

Taylor Dennis placed 4th

Cara Dempsey placed 5th

Zoe Carpenter placed 6th

Chiara Gelardi placed 7th

Sarah MacFarlane placed 8th

Teegan Wardlaw placed 10th

West Mountain: GS: Boys

Gavin Ebert placed 1st

Marko Ivkovic placed 6th

James Parobeck placed 7th

Erik Accordino placed 10th

More results and next races can be found on nyssra.org.