With no award ceremonies due to COVID – 19 restrictions – NYSEF will be recognizing athletes a little differently this year! Let’s start with the first alpine race of the season – The Womens New York State Ski Racing Association (NYSSRA) Sports Page Slalom U16 + events at Whiteface today, Saturday, January 9! There were two races over the course of the day and we are SO fortunate to be getting these events off the ground. Thank you all for your support and cooperation! NYSEF is excited to recognize the top 5 results in each race:

  • SLU = St. Lawrence University
  • NWS= Northwood School
  • NYSEF= New York Ski Educational Foundation

Race 1 – Results

1st – Bella A. – SLU

2nd – Audrey H. – NWS/NYSEF

3rd – Lily S. – SLU and NWS/NYSEF ALUM!

4th – Rebecca C. – SLU

5th-  Norah D. – NWS/NYSEF

Race 2 – Results

1st – Bella A. – SLU

2nd – Gabby S. – SLU

3rd – Lily S. – SLU and NWS/NYSEF ALUM!

4th – Ava M. – SLU

5th-  Lauren T. – SLU

Some other things to know for athletes and families planning to join NYSEF at Belleayre, Gore, Whiteface or any of the Lake Placid venues during competitions: 

General Information: Race announcements will typically include communication methods for COACHES, health checks, contact info, NYS guidance and other venue specific guidance. Please take a look at the venues operational updates on their website for up – to – date information.

Spectators: one item that is CRUCIAL to understand and is DIFFERENT than other venues is that there are NO SPECTATORS allowed at any events (or any event on any ORDA venue). This is to limit congregation and the unnecessary density of people at the event. There will be NO foot-traffic and congregating at the start/finish will be STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This is a NYS, ORDA, and NYSEF policy that is above and beyond the U.S. Ski and Snowboard and/or NYSSRA guidance. Please understand and abide by this or we will jeopardize future events this season. Thank you for your understanding.

Stay tuned for the next alpine events – The Men’s NYSRRA Sports Page Slaloms, tomorrow, Sunday, January 10 at Whiteface.