THANK YOU to the generous support from the Adirondack Foundation’s Special and Urgent Needs Fund (SUN). NYSEF received a grant to stock our training centers with the proper safety equipment to ensure we have a successful 2020 – 2021 season. The SUN Fund is a responsive granting resource that can be deployed to assist Adirondack communities and nonprofits during times of crisis. The NYSEF community especially the Adirondack Foundation has always been generous in times of urgency and most recently in support of our COVID-19 relief initiative which includes the purchase of personal protective equipment, safety enhancement and modifications to our training centers at Whiteface, Gore Nordic wax trailer, our transportation vehicles (5 vans and 1 truck) and Winter Term accommodations and academic center in Lake Placid. 

THANK YOU to committee members of the SUN Fund and the local communities where NYSEF operates for believing in NYSEF, our missions and ensuring the success of our season!