Ford Sayre put on a jumping and nordic combined competition on Saturday, January 26. NYSEF athletes were ready to compete.

Top NYSEF athletes are below:

K20-U12 Girls:

Kai Mckinnon placed 1st

K32-U14 Girls:

Kai Mckinnon placed 1st

K32-Open Women:

Elise Loescher placed 1st

K20-U12 Boys:

Mitchell Penning placed 2nd
Eli Larkin placed 3rd
Duncan Van Dorn placed 5th
Max Fey placed 7th
Henry Loher placed 8th
Kai (Kaleb) Morrow placed 9th
Sam Morrow placed 14th

K32-U14 Boys:

Mitchell Penning placed 3rd
Eli Larkin placed 4th
Max Fey placed 9th
Duncan Van Dorn placed 10th

Nordic combined results:

U12 Girls:

Kai Mckinnon placed 1st

U10 Boys:

Eli Larkin placed 1st
Max Fey placed 2nd
Henry Loher placed 3rd
Maxwell Becker Harris Hill

U12 Boys: 
Duncan Van Dorn placed 3rd

The Lebanon Outing Club hosted 41 athletes at Storrs Hill on January 27!

Thank you to the incredible, dedicated, and hard-working team from the Lebanon Outing Club for putting on a great events. Results from Storrs Hill can be found here.