NYSEF Nordic is fundraising to purchase and build out a waxing and warming trailer for the nordic programs. The trailer will be used primarily for our nordic disciplines to do the following (but not limited to): bring to race venues for waxing and testing skis quickly and efficiently, used at our ‘home’ training facilities for waxing and testing and be a prime meeting space for athletes and families. The trailer allows us to have a professional testing facility at ‘away’ races when traveling throughout the Northeast and beyond. The trailer will also be a place to keep equipment protected and safe while traveling.

With a large membership in our alpine/freeride disciplines, we also are eager to add to our current nordic programs. We need to upgrade our current resources and be one of the leading snowsport programs in our region. With the use of this trailer, we will transform the experience for our athletes and coaches. We also have our own home on the road!

Help support a wax trailer by purchasing a raffle ticket or donating online (please put wax trailer in memo), here.