Want to work on skate technique?

Retired alpine skier looking for a fun cardio workout?

 Join the NYSEF Nordic Masters Group this fall!

The NYSEF Nordic Team is introducing a ‘Get Fit’ Fall Series for families and friends who want to get in shape before the snow falls. The program will start Monday, Oct. 4th and meet one day per week through Monday, Nov. 22nd.

The Sessions: Sessions will vary from body weight strength, running and bounding, ‘Spenst’ (Explosive body movements), roller skiing (for those who have roller skis) and more. The workouts will be directed towards participants of all ages and abilities. * The idea is to have fun and get in shape. *There may be multiple groups to appeal to all levels.

The Where: We will make the most out of our surrounding environment and meet outdoors while the weather permits. Training locations will vary to keep things fresh and exciting.

The When: Most sessions will be held on Monday evenings from 5:30-7 PM with an occasional weekend session. As we progress further into the fall and the days get shorter, we will slap on our headlamps and light up the night as we workout.

The Coaches: Shane MacDowell, Head Biathlon and XC Coach, Julianne Stemp, Kim Douglas in addition to some celebrity coaching staff  of Tim Burke, Andrea Burke and more. 

The Cost: We are asking participants to support this series with a donation of $300 or more. Your donation will support the NYSEF Nordic Team with travel expenses, coaching fees, and overall operating costs.

Spots are limited so we can provide the best program to participants so please register early through this link.

Questions? Contact Shane MacDowell at shanem@nysef.org

We will be in touch shortly.