NYSEF is excited to announce the hire of Gavin Fritz as our on snow full-time freeski coach at Whiteface. Gavin will work with NYSEF’s elite park skiers and develop training and competition plans for their success. Gavin, a NYSEF Winter Term alum, is “excited to learn from the seasoned coaches and maintain the values of the program.” Freeride Program Director, Mike Kirchner added, “Gavin set the precedent for the freeride Winter Term program as a freshman and I am thrilled to see his passion for the sport…like many NYSEF alums, he has a desire to give back and influence the next generation.” In the last year, Gavin has undergone certifications with the United States of America Snowboarding and Freeski Association (USASA) program and was named Head Judge for the local Adirondack series.  “Beyond NYSEF, Gavin is a steward of the sport…he makes a large effort to stay current since freestyle skiing is constantly evolving… Gavin is the best person to guide the freeride program into the future” Former Head Freeride Coach, Justin Perry mentioned.

Born and raised in Plattsburgh, N.Y., Gavin attended National Sports Academy (NSA) in 8th grade and spent 4 years in the Winter Term Program (WT) beginning in 2013. At NYSEF, he “learned how to be more productive and build mental strength while developing a strong work ethic and independence,” Gavin said. In WT, he was able to continue to have the support of his coaches and was the “type of student that benefited from the one-on-one tutoring.”In 2017, he graduated from Plattsburgh High School and attended Clinton Community College where he earned his 2-year degree in Humanities and Social Sciences.  Since his time as an athlete, Gavin always knew NYSEF was going to be a part of his future. Soon after graduation (in December 2019), he began working with NYSEF as a full-time coach. 

Gavin believes the “well knit (coaching) group at Whiteface has a supportive atmosphere where he can gain more knowledge in the sport.” Mike added, “he has an open outlook and many of our athletes looked up to him as an athlete, and even more, now, as a coach.”

When asked if there was anything else he wanted to mention about NYSEF, Gavin said, “I am excited to help the freeride program grow, recruit, connect with families and expand the positive impact it has on its members.” 

While not coaching, he is playing flag football with his roommates in a local league and writing poetry.