If you haven’t had a chance to take a peek at the Leever Partners’ report: Analysis of Alpine Skiing 2016, it’s absolutely worth a look.

Essentially, the initiative was a comprehensive analysis of the current FIS Alpine WC Top 30 (male and female) which sought to determine which habits these elite athletes have in common, and what traits made them successful as junior ski racers.

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So what were the major findings? What made these athletes so successful?

1) Ski racing is an inherently rewarding sport.

2) There are many roads that lead to Romeā€¦but not all roads lead to Rome.

3) Ski racing is a skill sport.

4) Success is found at a young age.

5) Parents are the biggest influencers.

6) Skiing is cultural to Europeans.

7) Volume is critical to development.

8) Concentration, not specialization.

9) Speed skiers are also very good tech skiers.

10)USA juniors trail competitors.


It’s really worth taking a read of the study, but here were our major takeaways:



If you’re in it for the glory, the fame and the money… you’ve picked the wrong sport. Successful ski athletes are driven overwhelmingly by FUN, FRIENDS and FAMILY.

Second takeaway:


LOTS of skills require mastery. CHALLENGING environments push skiers. VARIETY shapes great skiers. GREAT coaches push athletes above and beyond.


When snow is on the ground, do as much skiing as you can. When it’s not snowing, stay active and do lots of sports! Concentrate on the sport, and the skills, that you’re doing!

What’s also really cool? Parents play a huge role in their athletes’ experience. Kids need to ski alot, and be close to their training venues. Finally– a close, vibrant ski community is essential to athletic success (and fun!) in snowsports.

Alright. Mind, fed. Now it’s time to ski!

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