Andrew Van Slyke is an 18-year old alpine athlete from Lake Placid, NY and a senior at Northwood School. Alpine skiing has been a part of Andrew’s life since he could walk, having been brought into the sport by his parents, Paul and Ingrid.

After growing 6 inches over the last 2 years, Andrew has made considerable improvements to his skiing technique. In order to become more stable on his skis, Andrew undertook an enhanced training and conditioning program to adjust to his new balance point. With the addition of coaches like Thomas Vonn, Head Men’s FIS Coach/Technical Director at NYSEF and Northwood School, Andrew was motivated to work even harder because he saw the investment and involvement his coaches put forth towards making him into a better athlete. “Coach Vonn’s willingness to help and his positive outlook on how to transfer training skills to race day simply made me work even harder,” says Andrew. Coach Vonn quickly noticed the improvement in Andrew’s skiing. “I would certainly put him in the category of most improved. Andrew’s season is just beginning and with the work he has put in– the results will come,” says Vonn. Alex Shearer, Assistant U19 Men’s Coach said, “Andrew has improved drastically over the last year. He’s committed to performing at the highest level.”

In addition to the coaching staff, Andrew mentioned his teammates as a major motivating factor. “We are good friends who just push each other to get faster every day,” he says.

When asked about goals for the year, Andrew noted, “I would like to lower my points in GS and SL and qualify for Junior Nationals and, if possible, US Nationals.” Moving forward, he plans to continue to train hard and work on skiing the steeper pitches in slalom even smoother and faster. In his off season, Andrew maintains and repairs boats at a marina on Big Moose Lake.

Next up for Andrew are speed events in Sugarloaf, Maine.