Olympic athlete and NYSEF alum, Andrew Weibrecht is doing the “over easy mountain bike race” in the Adirondacks on Saturday, September 19 to support NYSEF athletes competing this season. Heading into a new season, NYSEF’s main priority is making sure we can be there for the athletes and families who need support the most.

Andrew is riding to raise funds to help keep athletes pursue their ski racing goals with NYSEF. All funds raised will be split between NYSEF and the Kelly Brush Foundation (KBF).

About the route: The route begins in Lake Placid and ends in Elizabethtown covering 92 miles with almost 12,000 of elevation gain. To view the route, click here.

How you can support (and challenge Andrew): We are asking friends and family to challenge Andrew with a base donation beginning at $50 or more beginning at 15 hours to complete the total ride.  A base donation is what you pledge to commit regardless of the time he does the ride in. If Andrew does the ride under 15 hours by filling out this link, you pledge to multiply the base times the number of hours he goes under 15 hours. For example: Dan Smith pledges $100 towards the ride. Andrew rides 13 hours, Dan Smith donates $200 to NYSEF. Incentive-ze him to push hard and support NYSEF!

Don’t want to make a pledge and simply want to donate, DONATE HERE.

Make your pledge through this link  or make a one-time donation now.

Following the ride, you will be emailed on information to finalize your pledge. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT!